Nippon Japanese Lounge

About the restaurant

The Japanese believe that food should satisfy all your senses”.

   It should always be prepared with great care and beautifully presented. Fresh selected ingredients combined in ways that satisfy your vision as well as your palette

   Dedicated on NIPPON to become your place to go, your place to relax with the view of the sea and also your place for a journey of taste with Asiatic notes, where you can enjoy a variety of sushi, nigiri, sashimi and other Japanese dishes and soups accompanied with a warm and friendly service. You will surely be pleased when you try our famous Nippon Nikku Tepan or our delicious Ebi Tempura Prawns, 2 dishes that will amaze you! You can choose Nippon’s best seating place, our sushi bar along with our Japanese chefs and enjoy the show as they prepare your dish with attention to detail and the freshest ingredients with the most creative presentation ways. A true work of art in every dish!  

More Info

  • 90 Georgiou A, Potamos Germasogeias ,4041,Tourist Area ,
  • Japanese
  • Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 until late.

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